The Team

I am very proud to be working with these groups. Athletes like myself cannot make it in sport without the generous support of groups like this. For that I am very grateful. 


The oldest and newest rowing boat manufacturer in New Zealand. Laszlo Boats NZ, formally KIRS (Kiwi International Rowing Skiffs), is a group of innovative and passionate boats builders producing tailor made and world leading rowing skiffs.

With the Men's single scull World Best Time set in a KIRS, they're emphasis put into creating fast craft is proven, and yet, there is so much more to them than speed. Team Lazslo Boats embraces Kiwi ingenuity and rowing traditions, which is what lead to our partnership. Together, we embarked on a collaborative project to produce one of the most unique, meaningful, and beautiful rowing boats the world has ever seen. Check out this video to see the end result.


Specialising in manufacturing products specifically for endurance sports, Pro4mance's highly experienced research and development team formulates products specifically for before, during and after exercise. Based on world leading sports nutrition research, all their products are simple to use and guarantee athletes absorb the appropriate types and amounts of nutrients/fluids to optimize performance.

Pro4mance use the highest quality ingredients and manufacture all of their products in state of the art facilities, ensuring unparalleled product quality. By manufacturing the product and selling direct, agents and distributors are removed enabling delivery of the highest quality sports nutrition products at competitive prices.

Even better still and unlike the large majority of supplement providers, Pro4mance constantly check their product range against the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) banned substance list to ensure they are continually meeting the best interests of all athletes.


The only official supplier of the world’s best selling rowing machine in New Zealand, Concept2 has provided Indoor Rowers for a number of people and organisations including, the nation’s rowing clubs, gyms and health clubs, as well as a large and growing number of individual indoor rowing enthusiasts who choose to train at home to get healthy, stay healthy or get very fit!

Concept2 operates  its business, supplying rowing machines and associated products from a showroom in Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty. "We’re always happy to see people", so if you want to try out the world famous Indoor Rower, or if you want to check out the range of carbon fibre Concept2 rowing blades, then just call in.


The ultimate sports eyewear - Adidas Eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports. Their product design engineers work closely with top athletes to develop their products. This achieves optimal results for Adidas Eyewear which combines next-generation technology and lens innovation to create a personalized fit with sports-targeted technology. Adidas Eyewear is, therefore, not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment that supports an improved performance.


Dot Kiwi is a New Zealand company that has been approved by ICANN (the international organisation responsible for regulating and coordinating the internet names and numbers directory) to become the world’s only .kiwi registry. They're incredibly proud to offer New Zealanders a fresh, modern, and unique online identity that we all really call our own.

The .kiwi domain will be hugely valuable for Kiwi businesses, opening the door to greater branding creativity and creating more opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. .



High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) was established in 2011 to lead the high performance sport system in New Zealand. We work in partnership with national sport organisations and key stakeholders to achieve our vision of 'More New Zealanders winning on the world stage'. We allocate resources to targeted sports and athletes, and deliver world-leading support to impact performance. 


The New Zealand Rowing Association (NZRA), trading as Rowing New Zealand (RNZ), is the governing body of rowing in New Zealand. 

RNZ is is developing closer links between schools and universities with the clear objective to improve the retention rate of young people in the sport, safety on and off the water, and is supportive in the development of adaptive rowing for athletes with physical disabilities.

The High Performance arm of the organisation looks after all the international teams representing New Zealand, from juniors through to the successful elite team. Athletes are identified at a regional level and pathways and training regimes are established to assist in progressing to a national level. Funding and support for the high performance programmes is substantially provided by High Performance Sport New Zealand.

The primary objective of RNZ are to foster and promote the sport of rowing in New Zealand in all its forms and classifications.